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For Mauritians huge Banyan performs the same role as Moscow courtyard for the heroes of the film “the Pokrovskie gate”. Life is sometimes full of surprises. Quite unexpectedly, I was lucky enough to go for a couple of months in Mauritius. And I don’t ever hoped to be in the tropics! Even in this Paradise location: mark TWAIN (Mark Twain 1835-1910) wrote that Paradise created by God in the image and likeness of Mauritius. This mountainous volcanic island in the Indian ocean seems to be comfortable and safe. There are no clouds of mosquitoes, poisonous existence, and are not afraid of the thought of the terrible tropical disease. The climate is equable, without extreme temperature changes, frequent winds and endless rain. The volcano, which the island owes its appearance, extinct, its slopes are covered with forest, and from the top overlooks the mountains and the sea. These mountains amaze: their silhouettes reminiscent of the castles built by the children of the sand.


Active holidays in Mauritius

The surf

Surfing is not particularly common in Mauritius, where the waves are rarely suitable to practice this sport. Waves that break on the coral reef, is not very large. In addition, the surfers can seriously hurt on the rocks and corals.

Excellent waves can be caught off the southern coast, but in these places there is another danger – strong currents. Surfers have chosen for themselves Souillac and Baie du cap.


Mongoose is the most Ricky

In the tropical countries of the Old world mongoose quite ordinary, but in Europe about these animals everyone knows from childhood. All through the tale of Kipling’s “Rikki-Tikki-Tawi, where the image of devotional brave mongoose recreated very realistic.

Mongoose is best known for its ability to handle venomous snakes. The little mongoose, length not more than a meter, wins even more spectacled Cobra. And previously it was thought that mongoose is not afraid of snake venom because of the way their immune system. Or knows the antidote. But now most researchers believe mongoose, like other creatures, before the serpent’s poison defenseless. Their only weapon is the extraordinary speed and agility.


All the conditions for a perfect holiday

Mauritius could be just one of the many beautiful resorts, if not the highest level of service. Thanks to the quality of service it is widely known around the world and love dearly and very very cranky tourists. If you treat them and believe that good money can buy excellent holiday all – welcome!

Strictly speaking, Mauritius – not even an island, a country located on four Islands Mauritius, Rodriguez, Agalega and Kargados carajos. They are located in the Western part of the Indian ocean, East of Madagascar. However, the pearl of the Republic of Mauritius is the resort of the same name.


In what became a “nest of pirates”?

“The model of Paradise” – called Mauritius mark TWAIN, who visited there in the late nineteenth century. But this place is pretty much just an interesting and quite paradoxical.

The official state language (English) says less than 1% of the population. The inhabitants of the island, for the possession of which argued the major European Maritime powers, most of them are Indians and Creoles (French-Afro-Malagasy origin). The main and unique natural attraction of Mauritius, the Dodo bird, scientist K. Linnaeus introduced his work when no one saw. The phenomenon of the earth “Seven colors” (or “Colored Sands”), playing with all the colors of the rainbow, still not explained by science. And pineapples in Mauritius is considered a weed.


The coast and beaches

However, the main appeal of Aruba – its banks. Beautiful beaches, clear waters, an abundance of small coral reefs and good infrastructure attract thousands of visitors.

The best banks are Arashi beach and Hadicurari beach near the California lighthouse on the North-Western tip (considered the best places for snorkeling on the island), the pure Druif beach, Bucuti beach (considered one of the best shores of the Caribbean sea and the world), lying directly in front of the district luxury hotels, the beaches of palm beach and Eagle beach, quieter Roger beach and Baby beach in the area of the Gray-Colorado in the South-East of the island, a small isolated island Renaissance, lying directly opposite the Harbor of Oranjestad, and surrounded by coral reefs Isle De palm.


Aruba tax law changes

The company Aruba received the change notification of the transfer pricing rules in this Caribbean offshore jurisdictions, which entered into force on 1 January 2008.

In the information letter to its clients the audit firm Ernst & Young explained that the changes relate primarily to article 4 of the Regulations of Aruba “On profit tax”, which establishes the principle of the transaction between unrelated parties for transactions within the company.


Aruba instead Bermuda

Representatives of the Department of civil aviation of Aruba in the near future will come to Moscow for the preparation and signing of an intergovernmental agreement in accordance with article 83 bis of the Convention, ICAO, which will allow Russian commercial airlines to register their aircraft in the registry of Aruba.

The first of them, may become “Muscovy” (the brand of the airline LII them. Gromov). According to sources from the aviation register of Aruba, at present, negotiations are under way with further Russian companies.


Aruba in February invites you to the carnival

40 kilometers from the coast of Venezuela on a beautiful island in the Caribbean sea, Aruba, began one of the most beautiful carnivals – Aruba Carnival.

Held for many years Carnival Aruba is an unforgettable magical spectacle. He begins in mid January and lasts a few weeks before the Great lent. This year the carnival in Aruba will continue until February 24.


Aruba is a colony of the Netherlands

Almost all of its colonies Holland refused. But a few Islands in the Caribbean sea itself still left. And parting with them is not going to. The islets of these not only require the metropolis of money, but even bring her considerable income through tourism. One of these tiny colonies – always warm (and climatically and in the sense of hospitality of the local inhabitants, the island of Aruba. Several centuries Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles. And lived somewhat in the shadow of the neighboring, more developed and rich, the island of Curacao. But in this century Aruba took a giant leap “out of the shadows into the light” – until complete separation from the Antilles and the Netherlands.


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